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The 2005 New Years Fan Mix Challenge

Because old fandoms need new music

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Welcome to the 2005 Winter Fan Mix Challenge. The idea is to share favorite music and fandoms with others on Live Journal. The challenge will run from today, November 1, 2005 to January 1, 2006. New Year's is the last day to post a mix.

The community has 10 rules:

New Year Music Mix is designed to be the home of fannish mix tapes. The rules are simple:

1. Name the Fandom. Name the pairing or character if you choose to be that specific. Only the fandom is required.

2. Create a mix tape of exactly 10 songs. No more. No less. 10. Break this rule and the post is deleted. Feel free to write explanations of why you chose those 10 songs. Order them the way you think flows best. This counts for style points.

3. Each mix tape may only have two songs by the same artist. No matter how much I like Neil Finn, I only get to use two of his songs. This applies to you and your favorite artists as well. Break this rule and the post is deleted. The idea is to introduce new music to your fellow fans.

3.5 When dealing with classical music, it's only two songs per composer. It can be 10 composers all done by the Boston Pops, but it's Bach, and Carl Orf and Rachmaninoff and whatever? It's ok. Only two per composer, not orchestra.

4. Each person only gets two mix tapes per fandom. That's 20 songs per fandom. Break this rule and the post is deleted.

5. Each person only gets to offer a song once. You use R.E.M's Losing My Religion for the Hornblower mix? Fine. Than you don't get to use it for a Firefly mix.

5. No need to post covers or art. Just the track listings and title.

6. Each posting must follow the proper format. See the memories for the format.

7. You must make the songs available for download, even if only temporarily. Links to online music stores such as iTunes are acceptable. Links to the site of the artist are spectacular. Links you set up yourself are a-ok. No links to the songs=deleted post.

8. The following songs are banned by the administrator's default, on the grounds of incredible cliche status:

Rufus Wainwright's Hallelujah
Bette Midler's Wind Beneath My Wings
Tori Amos's Sorta Fairytale
Tori Amos's Another Girl's Paradise
Jessica Simpson's Angels
U2's One

Banned song list subject to change. Please note this only refers to the version of the song by the listed artist. If you can find a punk Alleluia, an Alleluia mash up, or even a boyband cover of Alleluia? Bring it On!

9. No fandom is too obscure, no pairing to shameful. RPS Fandom? Fine. Femslash pairing? Fine. Gen on the series? Fine. Slash? Fine. Het? Fine.

10. Have fun. The rules are designed to provide structure, and to force you to think about song choice, song order, and the flow of the mix. They are like the guidelines for a sonnet or haiku. Voluntary and designed towards perfecting a form.

If you think this needs updating or changing, please drop a comment. The rules are up for update until November 7.